Alan Li, CEO of CMNE, Attends and Addresses at the G20 Energy Ministerial Meeting by Invitation

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On 29 June 2016, Alan Li, CEO of China Merchants New Energy Group ("CMNE”), was invited to attend the G20 Energy Ministerial Meeting held at Yanqi Lake, Beijing as the representative of China new energy corporations. The meeting was hosted by National Energy Administration. Zhang Gaoli, the Vice Premier of State Council, Shamshad Akhtar, the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, members of G20 and ministers of energy from guest countries attended the meeting.

At the opening ceremony held on 29 June, Zhang Gaoli expressed that, G20 serves as an important platform for global governance and is expected to be built into an open platform for sharing of energy technology innovation, cooperation of energy industry, exchange and communication of experiences and governance of global energy. As China’s installed capacity for wind power and solar power have ranked first in the world, China is willing to enhance the cooperation and exchange in the field of new energy with other countries.

Mr. Alan Li attended the opening ceremony and introduced to Shamshad Akhtar, the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, about the progress of the Panda Solar Power Plant, a project jointly launched with the United Nations.

Akhtar was highly interested in the Panda Solar Power Plant, and expressed that the construction of the Panda Solar Power Plant should be promoted as soon as possible. She hoped that a Panda Solar Power Plant can be established in future in Sindh, Pakistan, the hometown of Shamshad Akhtar.

Mr. Alan Li reported the Company's status and the development ideas of the Panda Solar Power Plant to Nur Bekri, Director of the National Energy Administration. Nur Bekri thought highly of the plant and considered it as "a very good and creative project which should be constructed as soon as practicable"

Nur Bekri said that the Panda Solar Power Plant created a new model of new energy cooperation between China and America and we should endeavor to connect the new energy to the grid at a fair price as early as possible by integrating the industry's most advanced technologies at home and abroad.

Mr. Alan Li gave a speech titled Ecological Cooperation of New Energy Industry in the Post-COP21Era at the meeting, in which he laid out the ambition to build the Panda Solar Power Plants in each G20 country through integrating the resources of governments, enterprises, financial institutions and society, so as to enhance the sustainability of global energy and help achieve the mission of "Sustainable Energy for All". The one sitting beside Mr. Li in the picture below is Ms. Rachel Kyte, the special representative of the UN secretary general.

Mr. Alan Li expressed that, "By designing the solar power station into the pattern of a panda, we aim to stimulate teenagers' interest and enthusiasm for solar energy application. To cope with the climate change, we should not only appeal to the governments and companies, but also need to motivate every household, getting the next generation involved in, thus making joint efforts for a green future.

Mr. Li, Alan was interviewed by a journalist from CCTV after the meeting.

The Panda Solar Power Plant will be jointly designed and constructed by the enterprises from China and the United States. It will take the shape of a panda, "China's National Treasure". The power plant will cover an area of about 1,500 Mu and have a total installed capacity of 50MW. The black parts are composed of single crystalline silicon solar cells supplied by Xi'an LONGI Silicon Materials Corp., while the white parts consist of thin-film solar cells supplied by First Solar, an integrated photovoltaic solar solution manufacturer of the United States.